Long Live The King

by Ahmed Magdy 4 months ago


The king was facing a revolution for stepping him down and he expected everyone to betray him but thing got changed in a way he had never expected.


revolution, kingdom, short story, free, betray , army, captian, drama
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The king was standing in front of his throne looking at the day lights coming through the window behind the throne.
“Your majesty” a bowed knight in his mid 40s, said.
The king, in the same age as the knight, turned around with sad look on his face.
“I’m afraid, It’s to danger to stay her in the palace.” the knight said.
“You mean it’s to dangers to stay in my kingdom” the king smiled sarcastically.
“Revolutionaries are so close to break in the palace, my king”.
“I’ll defend my throne with my life” the king scorned.
“Your majesty, you are just giving them your head on a silver plate.”
“My parents and my grandparent have built this kingdom and you tell me to leave it to some savages.”
The knight looked away while sighing.
“You are going to betray me, aren’t you?” The king sadly said.
“As the army captain, I have to follow the people. ”
The king shouted “this is my army not theirs. You must follow my lead.”
“No, I don’t have to follow your lead, you are a dead man. ”
The king closed his eyes and slowly sat down on his throne speechless.
The army captain continued “I’ll be generous to you and I’ll tell the people you stepped down... ” The king was still speechless. The knight walked toward the door then stopped before reaching the door and turned around “Oh, I forget to tell you, if I’m back and find you still here, I’ll cut your head off myself…., William.”

The guards let the king go and the best place to hide is among the crowd. The king didn’t leave the capital, he could hide his identity, he worked as street sweeper.

A few days later, people were gathering at the king’s palace for an important announcement. William was among the crowd as street sweeper. The army captain was giving a speech to the people from the balcony of the palace “I supported the revolution because I believe people should choose their ruler and today I have good news for you, we have found the king William dead at the river, he was trying to cross the borders. ” The crowd cheered.
“No more kings on our land” the captain said with enthusiasm “It’s time to choose our ruler. The old king dead.”
The crowd cheered. “Long live the captain, Long live the captain, Long live the captain”
William smiled, talking to himself “It has been used to be ‘the old king dead Long live the king’… ha, sheeps will always be sheeps, only wolves who get changed.”
“Hey you keep sweeping the street, don’t stand like that” a guard said to William. He looked at the guard “I’ll sweep the streets that I used to own.”

The end.