Me, The Anime Girl And The Nightmare Maker

by Ahmed Magdy 5 months ago


When a programmer has a first time dream of an anime girl but it turns out to be a nightmare and he tries to strop this nightmare and save the anime girl for a good dream.


fantasy, anime, dream, nightmare, warrior, hero, short story,
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It was night, I didn’t know what this place is. I was flying and landed in front of a very high medieval square building, if you looked to the left it’s a medieval street with about two stories buildings, no one was in that street. The place felt like as it was in 3d video game, I like videos games, I’m man in mid twenties. You can say I’m a nerd because I work as a programmer, 3d artist. I had thought I was supposed to enter that building so I entered through the wooden door. Inside the building there were just stairs by the building’s walls that take you up, no rooms, doors or windows just old wooden stairs. I didn’t know why I was here, I looked to the left and DAAAAMN!, A hot girl.. She was so beautiful.. But I thought there was something wrong. She didn’t look like a real person, she looked like a 3d videogame anime warrior character. She smiled at me, she was blond wearing a black short dress with small silver patches like flames on it, she had a brown eyes. I thought I was in a dream, it was not just a dream, it was a hot sexy dream. I smiled at the girls and said “hi”.

“She is a warrior” huge deep voice of a man coming from above, I looked around to see who was talking but I couldn’t see anyone.” she is a warrior, she fights for her people to protect them from.. ” the voice continued. I though I didn’t need to hear her story, It supposed to be a sexy dream.
“Cool, maybe we can hear her story later” I interrupted him.
“ you need to know her story” the voice said.
“Really! I know that’s a dream so I don’t care, I’m going to make it happen. I'm gonna b*** this anime girl before I wake up.” I said. I was about to be the luckiest person on the earth.
“But she doesn’t look as you see her now, the enemy removed her left half face skin” the voice said and the left half of her face skin was removed, oh my god, it was red I saw her face muscles. The voice continued “and they took her left half skull” the half skull went out through her tissues and disappeared, her left half face became like a half jelly ball, it was pink with the eye was all black, it wasn’t transparent. What the hell was that, that was a nightmare, I couldn’t look at her oh my god.
“What the hell is this?!” I said
“The enemy are coming here to kill her” I could see the enemy through my mind, they were riding horses and carrying swords and other melee weapons. “You need to help her, go up to the roof of this building for the lighting ball that will heal her before the enemy come.”
“I’m not going anywhere” I said, I was angry, he destroyed my dream. All of sudden, my right half of my face hurt so bad, its skin were being removed, it hurt like hell.
“If you save her you will save yourself too” the voice said.
“I know you, I know you, you are the nightmare maker, I have beaten you a lot, you know that I can wake myself up.” I said, my face was hurting like hell, I knew that was dream but I didn’t want to wake myself up, I have waited for a sexy dream like that for years, I had a hot 3d video game anime girl character and they rarely come to someone in a dream. If I’m in middle of a dream, I can know that I’m sleeping and I’m in a dream, I can’t change what is going on in that dream or see the future as if I was in the real life but all I can do to survive a nightmare is to wake myself up. I think I’m gifted, When I was kid I couldn’t do that but after 15, i think I had this gift. Sometimes I enjoy my nightmares, it feels like I’m playing a videogame. It was my first time to talk to the nightmare maker (I’m not sure if he was), some people say it’s the devil who make the nightmare or you are hunted, other says it’s the brain.
“Go wake yourself up” the voice said. No, I decided to try to change that dream, that’s my dream not his, if I have the power to wake myself up, I can have the power to change that dream. I looked at my left I found a poster on the wall inside that poster “
public class AnimeGirlHotDream extends JDream{
public static void main (String [] args){
if (the hot girl == saved by the dreamer){
The dreamer will have the sexiest dream in the dream history;
Nothing will happened he just wasted an awesome dream;

What the hell I was reading “ Is that a Java code?!” I said
“The thing is... Java can run on almost all devices” the voice said.
“Wtf.. “
“You want to change that dream, so you saw this code. What do you expect, a magic thing happens”
“ Actual that’s an android dream, we should use java... YOU STUPID S*** BAG, dreams are not created by a programming language. Dreams are based on your s***y memories. what you see and what you feel are all come from your F***** memory. You are programmer so you will see coding and stuff” the voice said. Thanks god, my brain doesn’t work on Java. the voice continued “Now, enough with talking, the enemy is so close, are you going to save the goddamn girl or you are going to run away like a little kid with his finger in his a-hole and let her die?.” of course I was going to save that girl because it was my only chance to change that nightmare plus I’m not that weird little kid. I couldn’t look at the girl face I called her and we went to the stairs. There were 3 people on the stairs 2 men and a woman, their faces were blurred. They were here for helping us, I just knew that when I saw them no one tell me. The five of us were going up there was endless stairs. I was curious why their faces were blurred “ hey, nightmare maker why are their faces blurred” I asked
“Stop watching h3ntai and Japanese S*** so we can find clean memories” the voice said.
“Thanks for answering” that was embarrassing. “so you're not the devil then? you’re telling me to do a good thing.”
“No, this is me I’m the devil but not the great satan.. seriously, we don’t want you people of the earth with us in the hell anymore because YOU SICK, YOU F***** SICK, WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU MADE OF? YOU HAVE TAUGHT THE SATAN HIMSELF BAD THINGS HE NEVER THOUGHT ABOUT. YOU ARE SO DANGEROUS FOR US. WE ARE JUST DOING OUR JOB UNTIL THE JUDGMENT DAY…. GOD FORGIVE US, WE ARE THE POOR SATANS AND SAVE US FROM THE HUMANS.” the voice angrily said. I don’t remember I had drunk or smoked anything before I slept that day but it was a dream so everything is allowed. I hope that’s not a real devil anyway. We had been going up for so long, these were endless stairs, I weren’t fit enough for all these actions, I was getting tired. The building started to shaking, it was like an earthquake or something but we kept going up. “The building is about to fall, you have to evacuate it now” the voice said.
“What?!! No no no we are going to the roof” I said, we didn’t stop. There were cracks on the walls and dust in the air which make it hard to breathe or see.

“You will kill yourself, go down and leave the building” the voice said. I had no choice but evacuation, I m getting more tired and my desire of sleeping with that girl was decreasing. We went down. I hoped that no one get killed. The cracks were increasing and small pieces of the stairs were falling. I needed to cover my wound face because I didn’t want to get infected by any diseases with all that dust in the air but I had nothing to cover it. We got out of the building finally. I felt like I’m losing this challenge to change that dream. I was wounded trying to survive, getting tired... the building didn’t fall, it ‘s stopped shaking as and the building looked like a brand new as the first time I saw it. The nightmare maker was playing it right. we saw the enemy coming at us on horses like a small army. I took the anime girl and ran to find a place to hide that the only thing came to my mind is to hide, we entered a house, there were no one in it.
I couldn’t look at the girl face, that was the ugliest thing I have ever seen in mylife. I was so tired that I didn’t want to continue that dream, I wanted to wake up, I had no desire to do anything, okay, the nightmare maker won, he could turn it to a nightmare. That’s still my dream and I can change things at least I can save the girl. I move my head slowly to look at the girl’s wounded face, hopefully I can fix it. thee wounded half of her face started to do some strange movements, moving up, down and stretching. I wanted to fix her I kept stare at the half for fixing it and I did it, her face got fixed and she became gorgeous as the first time I saw her and I could make the enemy disappeared from the town, I could change things in my dream. The girls was smiling at me but she didn’t talk. I was going to wake myself up because I was so tired and my python won't raise to hack that jaVa. I was satisfied about what I did, I lost a battle but not the war..

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