The Power Of Right Lies: Chapter Three

by Ahmed Magdy 5 months ago


When our justice become our enemy, you can't fight back, it's a superhero world!


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Chapter Three:
“I don’t care about this war, people chose this system, you can’t destroy the world for some bad politicians” I said, I didn’t want to continue this conversation, I’m not going to do as my father did and let them take my son” I’m not going to join you or give you my son and for Robert’s sperms, swallow them”
“So, you want the hard way!” Adam said
“What?!” he spreaded something at my face I passed out.

After while I opened my eyes and barely can see, I was in my bedroom, Adam was standing in front of me by the bed as I was sleeping on it “ I’m sorry I have to do this, it is a war I don’t want to lose, it’s for humanity” Adam said, I didn’t feel my hands or legs, my eyes was closing for sleeping but I open them again so I stayed up “I took an egg from your womb…. we will make the baby in another woman” he said and smiled at me and bent closer to my face, I looked at thim in the eyes but I couldn’t speak “You will be proud of your son, Emily…... good night” he said and left. as I saw him going out of the bedroom, I slept.

Next day in the morning, I went to the superhero hq, I didn’t tell anybody what happened to me. General X had new information about the terrorists, he showed us some photos of the terrorists between them Adam, Robert. He told us that Robert was in the same secret program with me but he misused his superpower and became a threat to the national security. He was a hitman then he created a gang to control over some territories in UK, as a world full of hopeless people Robert could grew his gang to became a real international threat. He didn’t mention Rooney at all.

Later that day, I received an email from Adam. “ Dear Emily, Here are some link from the media about The murder of Rooney and his wife. The police didn’t know who murdered them. I hope you believe me and seek the truth. I don’t want to see you become an enemy of your son. Your son is our only hope to win this war and he will be our leader so I will keep in touch with you via this email because one day you will talk to your son who I will raise for Robert, my brother and our leader. Regards, Adam”

I was in my bedroom sitting at the small table at the wall reading the email on my laptop on the table, it was 11 Am. According the links Adam is right. I have to peck a side. My phone rang, It was General X, I pecked up “I want to met you now in the central park” he said.
I went to the center park, I was wondering if he found something new about the terrorists or he found out that I talked to Adam. What should I do if he know. I was overthinking all the way down to the center park. General X was standing next to a bench by an old big tree, it was dark a few lights come from the buildings outside the park and the lights in the park. “You have something you want to tell me about? Don’t you?” he said. I hoped you was joking.”You the one who wanted to meet me” I said.
“You don’t know any new thing about these a__holes” he said, I felt like he knew that I meet Adam but If I told he the truth he would kill me as they did to Rooney and Robert.
“No, I’m still searching” I said.
“Good, have you met Adam before” he said. I thought he knew but I had to play it safe.
“I don’t remember seeing him before” I said.
“You were drunk piece of garbage, homeless sleeping in the streets. I saved you, I made you a human again, a superhero who people looking up to and now you betrayed me.”
“I don’t know what you are talking about.”
“You met Adam in your apartment and you didn’t tell me, we have been watching you, we knew that Adam will try to reach you someday and he did. I thought you are different but you are a piece of **** like Rooney and Robert.”
“ So now, you know Rooney and his wife and what you did to our lives, now you are saying ,you made me human again after you destroyed my life, what kind of people are you?!”
“My responsibility is to make this world a safe place, these people are busy doing their jobs, feeding their kids, doing everyday life’s things and they pay us taxes for keeping their live going smooth, they don’t mind sacrificing a little bit for living in peace. So don’t talk about destroying your life or how pathetic your life is . We all have to sacrifice.”
“Where is the Justice in killing Rooney, Robert.”
“We did the right thing, they were a threat to our national security. Exactly as you’re.”
“ So you’re going to kill me” I’m sure he will.
“I need to know what happened between you and Adam. what he told you, tell me everything.”
“He wanted me to join them, I refused, I couldn’t arrest him because he was wearing grenades around his body.”
“Why didn’t you tell me?”
“Because I’m a dead person in both cases.”
“I’m the one who decides who lives and who dies, I created you, I have let you live, you should have told me.” I never thought about General X as a villain, he was an idol and mentor to me, he saved me, he gave me hope, he showed me the good things in this world.
“I’m sorry” I just said, I’m lost.
“Is there anything else you didn’t tell me about?”
“No” I didn’t tell him everything of course, I wanted to have a card that I could fight back with.
“Your time’s not up yet, Emily... You’re out of the SuperHero United….. go live a normal live, date someone, adopt a kid or became a crazy cat lady, who cares it’s your life. If they try to contact you, you’d better tell me.”

I didn’t expected that he would let me go, maybe because he thinks I’m weaker to become a threat or he is waiting for me to contact them, I don’t know. I sold everything I own in New york and London and bought a small Hotel in hurghada, a small town at the red sea in Egypt to spend the rest of my life their. I managed to keep in touch with Adam via Emails, he told me you are a one year old by now, I wished to make you a birthday cake….. He told me it will be the last message because it’s more dangerous now to keep in touch and he asked me to sent a voice message so you can listen to it, once you’re ready for leading them.

Ryen, I can’t live with you because I want to protect you, I love you, Ryen. you’re my son the only thing I wanted in this life, I know you can decide what’s wrong and what’s right, I’m not going to defend or attack the system because I don’t know which side you will chose to fight for, I will be waiting for you in Hurghada to visit me. I’m leaving New york and I will never comeback. Be a wise man, son…. Love you, Your Mom.
The end

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