The Power Of Right Lies: Chapter Two

by Ahmed Magdy 5 months ago


When our justice become our enemy, you can't fight back, it's a superhero world!


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Chapter Two:
I’m still in my car driving around New York city. You might be wondering why I’m telling you my story. I’m recording this message for you to forgive me...they promised me this message you will listen to.... What happend to me was really hard to any person to experience and makes me don’t want to live in this world any more. But I must tell you my tale to know the truth and forgive me.

53 President were killed between them the USA, China, Russia, France and Brazil Presidents, The British Prime Minister could survive. 27 were injured. 143 others were killed and 67 were injured in the UN Attack.

After the UN Attack, we went to the SuperHero United HQ, we stayed all night there trying to find out who these terrorists or at least reach a start point to begin our search but we reached nothing. I did my part there and came back to my apartment in the morning to have some rest. They pay well in the SU I bought a fancy apartment in new york in fifteenth floor in front of the central park. I took a shower and jumped in dark grey yoga pants and pink t-shirt, I liked my hair to be a ponytail and went to the bed. I live alone, no boyfriend, no family, Just me.

I woke up by the alarm beeping on the bedside table, it’s 6 PM. I had to be in SU as fast as I can. I got out my bedroom through the hallway passing the bathroom on the left to the living room on my right in front of the kitchen, I have a corner black sofa in my living room and in front of it a large flat TV on a wooden table. by the sofa a large window where I like to set at to look at the central park and the concrete jungle while drinking my coffee in the morning. I went to the kitchen for making a cup of coffee. I was preparing the coffee and my back was towards the living room. “Can you make me a cup coffee with you” I got horrified, the kettle was about to fall, the sound was coming from the living room, I live alone, I turned around, I saw a man sitting on the sofa in the living room his back towards the window. In his hands a shotgun pointed at me, the man was wearing a plastic panda mask and a black suit with a white shirt, black bow tie And shiny black shoes. “What do you want?” I said, I thought he is one of the terrorists who attack the UN building yesterday. “I want to drink a cup of coffee with you?” he said. He was so brave to break in a superhero apartment. “Do you know who you are talking to?” I said, I hoped that he was not brave enough to trigger his gun. “Yep, someone I have beaten her beautiful butt at the UN building and saved her life”. The man with the brown eyes and the panda mask. I thought, he was psychopath. He continued “ and now, her life is between my hands.” I’m not bullet proof, if he shoot me, I’ll die. I should don’t anything stupid, “Listen, I’m not your enemy, I’m here to help” he said. I continued making the coffee for two of us, my father said to me when I was a kid “ Be nice to your enemy if they are nice to you, you can end a war by becoming friends or stab them in the back after they trust you, in both cases you win.”
“Ok Mr…….” I looked at him ”Panda face?!.. I’m listening.”
He short-laughed, and said “ Adam.. my name is Adam” his gun wasn’t pointed at me anymore as if he didn’t want to shoot me “Emily, I know who you are. I know your whole story, I know things that you don’t know about yourself. I’m here to tell you everything, you need to know” he put the gun on the table in front of him and took off his mask and put on the table by the gun, he got out a packet of cigarettes of his suit’s pocket and referred it to me as offering me to take a cigarette. “No... thanks, I don’t smoke” I said, he had short brown hair, wheaten skin and goatee, he looked like as he is in his mid thirties. I had never seen him before. He lighted his cigarette and put back the packet in his pocket. I poured the coffee in the mags, I bring them to table and put them by the gun, I sat at the other side of the sofa towards the TV as he was sitting to my left.”Who are you?” I asked him.
“I’m a person who fights for an idea, unlike you, you people fight for money because that’s your job... to protect the system, If they don’t pay you, you will quit your job. ” he said.
“You’ve visited the dark places,haven’t you?!” I said.
He smiled “ They wanted to make you stronger to protect them, have you ever wondered where the two other kids who survived the secret program are?” he said.
“I didn’t care” I said and took a sip of my coffee “I just wanted to forget what happened there.”
“They were two men, they were murdered by the government” I stared at him to continue “because they wanted to live a normal life, to get a wives and kids, you’re not allowed to reproduce, you can’t have kids because they will be a threat to the national security, their soldiers can’t deal with” he took a drag off his cigarette ” your super stamina with hard training can make you reach to level of strength and speed, you can’t imagine, it’s self-increased which makes you limitless. Your running speed can reach 100km\h, you can jump from the highest building with no broken bones, you can break a strong wall with one punch but you look lost and that what make you weak.”
“ I will never get pregnant, my body kills the sperms, I couldn't find a cure.” that was the saddest moment in my life when the doctor told me that, I could give my ex husband a gift, he always wanted. He changed my life for better, he gave a purpose to live for. After I got full treatment and left the hospital in London. I lived in my father’s flat in London. I was afraid to date someone because of all that scars that make me having an ugly body. I went to a group therapy sessions for people who had cancer where I met my ex husband. He was so kind, lovely. It was my fault to break up after a couple of years of marriage, we came to New York for a famous doctor we thought he could cure me but it didn’t work too. I was drunk all the time I was a bad wife, I really wanted to give him something, he always wanted. We lived in New York together for awhile. After breaking up he went to London and I stayed here in New York.
“Robert and Rooney, the kids from the secret program, I could cure them” Adam said with a smile and look of hope. That’s the best thing I heard in so long but he is still my enemy. “Why do you want to help me?” I asked, No thing in this world for free. Maybe he wanted me to join them.
“I should explain to you a few things, so you can have a clearer vision” he said, and took a sip of the coffee.
“I’m all ears.”

“It all started in Liverpool 6 years ago when Rooney and his wife Mary came in my clinic because Mary wasn’t getting pregnant. I examined both of them, Rooney had your problem, His body attacks his own sperms. I found a strange chemical material in his body that kills the sperms at this point he had to tell me all his secret so I could help him, we became friends. I could analyse the Material and find a cure, his wife got pregnant after 2 years of treatment. They know…. You aren’t allowed to have kids. They murdered him and his 3 month pregnant wife. They tried to kill me too, but I could manage to run away, I can’t come back to Liverpool or contact my family. I’m a dead man so I have decided to fight back. he told me about Robert, they met a couple of times, I could contact Robert to warn him, Robert wanted to see me. I know it was stupid thing of Robert but he did that and he had known the consequences. Robert was a revolutionary by nature.”
“Is this a revolution?!” I interrupted him.
“Revolution...I think it’s bigger than a revolution” he looked at me and went in silence as if he was thinking about it.
“Sorry for the interruption…” I said
“No problem...Robert wanted them to payback.... we went to Germany.. .and there we found out that the secret program was an international program, USA, UK and EU. they wanted to create super soldiers so they can beat Russia and China control the world in other worlds to help the rich businessmen expand their corporations……. In germany we were being chased by police, army and CIA. As their were people who just follow orders, there were a few who tried to understand what they follow so we got help. We are bigger than you think, we are an idea that you can’t kill. We can’t have airplanes, tanks, or pay millions of dollars monthly salaries as they do. When we got their secret super weapon they made The Superhero United. You fellows in the Superhero United are meant to fight us... only us”
I took the shotgun on the table and pointed it and stood “Why should I believe someone like you? you punch of terrorists who kills innocent people in every dirty attack you do” I was mad, why I wasted my time listening this ****. he was calm.
“Don’t do anything stupid” he said and opened the suite jacket that full of hanged grenades connected by a wire to a ring in his right hand thumb.
I rolled my eyes “uh.. classic.”
“The system convinced us that a few should sacrifice for the majority to live well. But they never sacrifice. They kill millions of innocent people in every war they start to expand their businesses and sell their weapons and you people convince yourselves to believe what they say because you are afraid to live without a system. We use the same concept a few should sacrifice for the majority to live well. We want to destroy all the weapons factories, all the armies, all the systems, no borders, no countries. We need to start over in free earth”
“ I don’t care about you or the system but people chose the system so why don’t you make it official through public voting so people can decide.” I said.
“Did they vote for killing Rooney and his wife? Do you think they will let them vote to end Businesses that earn billions of dollars every year” he said.
“What do you want from me?” I asked.
“I have told you I’m here to help. I’m the only person here can cure you.”
“Nothing in this world for free”
“Yes, If you want to be pregnant, we have a donator and a place to stay in so we can protect you until you give birth to a twins…. we will take one baby and give you the other” I didn’t know what to say, I really wanted to be a mother.
“Emily, I know it’s difficult to take a baby from its mother, but this kid will be a great person, a leader who can influence people for good as his father…. Robert was our leader, we know it’s a long term war which gives us time to be prepared well. Robert donated his sperms for having a new powerful generation to help us to win the war. Befor he was killed by them in Russia.

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