I Live With An Animal

by Ahmed Magdy 4 months ago


I remember that day when he came to me in the kitchen and I was mad at him and said “You want to stab me with that knife. Do it”. I really thought a lot about leaving him as much as killing him but where do I go? I don’t know anyone in this world.


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I was in the kitchen preparing the food and my husband was sitting in the living room watching the game,I could see his back from the kitchen, We have been married for 2 years, I used to love sundays but I hated them nowadays because of him, because that is the day he stays at home and when he stays at home I’m about to kill him.

The knife in my hand, I wished I could stab him while watching the game. I remember that day when he came to me in the kitchen and I was mad at him and said “You want to stab me with that knife. Do it” at this time I thought, It was my fault, I turn him into an animal. That day when he asked me for having s#x, I wasn’t interested but he carried me to the bed and forced me, it was my first time, I really enjoyed it.. Whenever I got mad at him or not interested he forced me, I scream and resist him but I ended up with an orgn@sm which turned him crazy every time.

Normal s3x life it doesn’t exist anymore and I got tired and I don’t feel anything with him anymore. I have tried a lot to tell him but he doesn’t understand.

I served the food on the table, “food is ready”, we sat in front of each other on the small two chairs table, I looked at the sunset through the dining room window on my left while eating.
“You can’t skip the sunset” he said “If the sunset was a guy, you would spread your legs for him whenever he want.” He always wants to make me feel I’m guilty, I don’t give him what he wants. “If he was not a r@pist like you” I said.
He smiled “you’re a crazy b@tch!”.
“Go f@ck Nicolas Cage” I said
“WTF, I ain’t f@cking him okay…..” he said and I laughed really hard. He continued “Your vagina is a witch”
“You die for eat it haha.... You... belong to….. the f@cker niche”
“Go make me a sandwich”
“I’ve already made you food, you pig…...You sound like a glitch”
“Come on I’m rich”
“You’ll die alone b@tch”
“Haaa, you lose, we said b@tch before” he said, I pointed my middle finger at him.

I really thought a lot about leaving him as much as killing him but where do I go? I don’t know anyone in this world but him.

I was washing the dishes and he came at me slowly and hugged me from behind, his arms were around my stomach and he started kissing me at my nick and whispered, “ are you still mad at me?” his hand was touching my b@@bs and he was rubbing his p@nis against my b@tt, I could feel his ****. I pushed him away and turned around “stay away from me .” he came at me again, “I know you like it hard”, I took the knife from the sink and cut him at his hand while he was trying to catch me.

I was shocked and looking at the cut and the blood on his hand. I didn’t mean to hurt him I just wanted him to stay away. I was scary of his reaction, what if he try to kill me. “It’s okay calm down, okay, put the knife down, honey.” he said but what if I put it down and he takes it, what if he beat me. “Just put it down, I’m not going to hurt you.” he r@pes me, how do I trust him, I really don’t want to hurt him, he is my family and everything I have, I wished he became the man I loved once before. “What are you going to do to me?” I said. “Nothing, trust me” I have trusted him before and I left everything for him my parents, my sisters, my family. “after everything we have been through, do you think I’ll hurt you?” he said. I was crying “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to hurt you?” I put the knife down and he came closer and hugged me. “I got no one but you” I said “All I wanted from you is to treat me well.” he kissed me and said “You got the hottest body I have ever seen, you drive me crazy since we were young. I have cheated on my girlfriend with you, I couldn’t stay away from you, you always makes me h@rny but I promise I’ll treat you will from now on, you are my only family” that’s why I never left him, because we are cousins we chose our love over everything.

To be continued..

(this is not inc@st in some other countries and the middle east.)

Romance (18+)

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