War Zone

by Ahmed Magdy 5 months ago


After the world war three that Humans used every weapon they had in that war, it was like if the earth planet was suiciding and it did. Major Gila want to here worst enemy asking for help.


ww3, pollution, nuclear, war, free, short story, Arab, Israel, Egypt, end of the world
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The only thing that humans don’t learn the lesson of is war, they keep developing weapons to kill each other instead of helping each other, They think it’s safer when they have the most advanced weapons. 2 year ago, the world started a war, you can say it was the world war three. USA allied with The European Union, UK, Japan , Canada, Israel and some south american countries against Russia allied with China, India, Arab and Muslim Countries and asian countries. Humans used every weapon they had in this war, chemical, biological, nuclear weapons, regular weapons, dirty bombs, it was like if the earth planet was suiciding and it did. Dead bodies everywhere, destroyed cities and countries. A few people and animals could survive the war but sooner or later they will die, biological and nuclear pollution in the water, air and on the land, the planet earth is no more for living.

Location Egyptian-Israeli border, Taba City, Egypt.

The small city at the red sea surrounded by the desert was completely destroyed, covered by the contaminated gray clouds that were blocking the sunlight. Hummer military vehicle was being driven in the abandoned city, the Israeli logo was on it. The car stopped at a destroyed egyptian military base, The driver got out of the car wearing Israeli army uniform and a gas mask and carrying a backpack. You can tell from the rank patch on her uniform that she was a major. She was holding a machine gun walking slowly toward the command building. The building wasn’t fully destroyed. She went to the command room, the room wasn’t too big, few desks, computers and big screens on the walls, papers and maps on the desks and on the floor, she looked like looking up for something on the maps in the room but she couldn’t find it, she got mad and threw the maps away.

A voice came from behind her “put your gun down!”. She turned around slowly. “I think you, don’t want to die to night” the voice said, it was a male soldier wearing a gas mask pointing his rifle at her. He was a private and the patch on his shirt says “The Arab Army” and at this point, She knew that she was going to die that night.

She slowly put her gun on the ground. “ that’s right” the man said.
- “what seems to be right, could be wrong sometimes” the major said.
- “what are you looking for?”
- “Just a map.”
- “map for what?”
- “ Are you alone, private?”
- “Answer my question?”
- “ Listen, I’m not gonna hurt you, you’re alone here, aren’t you?” The man was hesitated to answer her question, she continued “I know, everything out there is gone, your army, country, whatever you think about to come here to help you, am I right?”
The private was still hesitated “But you're still my enemy and I can shoot you” he said.
- “C'mon man, There’s no people, countries or anything to fight for, you maybe the last human I talk to before I get killed by the contamination” the women said.
- “Did you get infected?” he said.
- “Yes and in few days, I’m gonna to die, How old are you?”
- “19.”
- “You started it big, the world war three, that’s f***** up, dude!. I’m 31, anyways, do you have a safe place, I just wanna take this mask off.”
- “First, answer my question, what were you looking for?”
- “I was looking for a place where I can find people to live with.”
- “It’s been six months since I have talked to someone…. Let’s go to my place”

Location Egyptian-Israeli border 40 KM (25 miles) outside Taba city - Underground Facility Storage of The Arab Army.

“Welcome to my humble home, Gila.. you can take off your mask” The private said. The major took off her mask, she was blonde with short hair, grey eyes and a few small lesions on her skin of the infection.

The place was very wide, very high and empty except at the left back corner there were three metal beds next to each other and 2 small tables to separate them at the wall by the beds there were some lockers and in the front of them there were a stand drawing sketch and a small chair, drawing materials and tools on a small table. On the wall there were about 12 paintings of soldiers and people.

“You drew them?” Gila asked. The private with a black hair and eyes, dark wheaten skin answered “ yes, it’s my favorite hobby” while taking off his shirt that shew some muscles of his 190 cm (6.2) body for wearing a clean one. He was taller than her, she was 168 cm (5.5) with slim thick body that makes her hot. The private name was Tarek, he handed her a baked beans tin and a spoon from his bag and he took one. Everyone sat on a different bed.

Tarak said ”These people in the painting are real, these three soldiers are my brothers in army, they are heros, we stayed here for helping innocent people. The man on the left, he is an italian, he was a civilian, he came here to help the refugees before the war and he got stuck here when the war started, this another hero. This little girl, she was 8 years old, everyday she was looking for food in the destroyed buildings to feed her injured parents, they got infected and died the girl stayed with me for a while before she died. These two men and women in this painting were a palestinian, israeli and the women was an american they had van, every two days the came to the refugee camp I was serving nearby before the camp got bombed and gave them free food until one day their van got shot and they were inside, it’s a war zone! Everyone of these people is a hero that refugee camp was for israelis and arabs they were living together in peace after they know they lost everything!. Soldiers are not real hero the real heros appear after the soldiers destroy and leave a town! ”
-“You remind me of my younger brother, he refused to join the army believing that helping innocent people is more important than killing them following stupid orders of dump selfish politicians... I’m a war machine, I believe that there is always bad people out there who are waiting for a good opportunity to hurt us so we should be prepared.” Gila said.
-“And you ended up staying with your enemy in one room, eating, talking as if we were friends”
-“So what happened to you?”
-“ I’m an elite soldier, I was in the hardest deadly missions of that war in Russia, Iran, China, Jordan, I always was behind the enemy lines, I have seen cities getting erased by nuclear bombs, I was professional having no feelings just a war machine until one day I found myself pointing my gun to no one, there were no enemies and no people, family, friends or country to fight for. it was just me and my gun and all I believed in were disappeared”
-“It confused us, we all walked on the wrong path, we thought it was right. Fear and hate controlled us. I was lucky that I joined the army and the war was ending.”

Next day, Gila was lying on the bed, sick and tired. Tarak was sitting to the bed next to her “Tarak, get my backpack, please” he did. “Open it” there were papers, books and notes.”This research is about the contamination and how to ride of it and find a cure for the infected people. I found them but I won’t survive to find someone who can make the cure of them.” Gila said.
Tarak held her hand ”You will be okay and we will find someone who can help us.” he said.
“Open that pocket, you will find a vaccine that can prevent the infection for a month. I wanted to give it to the one who will make the cure but it’s yours now.”
-“Gila, why don’t you take that vaccine, it could do something with the infection”.
She was a little sweaty “it will do nothing with me because I’ve already got infected” she said. Tarak came closer to her while holding her hand tighter “you are a fighter, you could survive deadly missions, now you can survive this.” he said. She smiled at him then her eyes wept and said “I wish I could, I was a reason of destroying this world.”
-“Listen Gila, it’s not your fault”
-“I just want to save the people before I die.” she said while she was crying. Tarak laid next to her and hugged her “it’s gonna be alright.” he whispered.

No one hugged her before, she felt so comfortable and safe, she put her head on his chest and let him hug her tighter. She was so weak. She never felt like that before in her life, she was strong, tough with no feelings, love is for weak people that what she used to believe in but now she was like little baby between his arms, listening to his heart beating, feeling the human love, she closed her eyes and slept.

Two days later, outside the facility storage. That cloudy windy weather outside with dust in the air made it hard to see for long distances. Tarak was standing wearing his gas mask looking at the ground where were few graves. These were the graves of people he buried himself. He used a piece of lambert for every grave as a gravestone for drawing their country flags and writing their names on them. He looked at a grave that looked new. The israeli flag was drawn on it and the name was Gila....He prayed a muslim prayer for her. he turned around carrying her backpack and walked away.

Inside the facility storage, It was empty arranged everything was in its place and clean. At the wall where the paintings were, there was a painting for Gila smiling.

The End.

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